Our Drupal Expertise

We focus on Drupal (see our article "What is Drupal") as the content management system of choice for all the websites we develop. We have been involved in the development of numerous websites, ranging in size from small tourism websites to large academic websites. orangeweb is an active participant in the Drupal community through contributions to the Drupal Forum, attendance at various user group meetings and attendance at Drupal conferences, including DrupalCon Sydney and DrupalCon Prague in 2013. We are also organisation members of the Drupal Association.

Complete website creation

The flexible Drupal content management system allows us to build websites in no time at all, from developing the concept through to going live with the website. For those seeking a complete solution we can take care of all aspects of the website including registration of the domain name(s), creation of the website, and hosting the website (see "Website Hosting").

Freelance Drupal Development

Need an extra hand developing your Drupal website? We are also able to pitch in as a freelance Drupal developer to assist in the development of Drupal websites.

Our expertise is predominantly with Drupal 7, and we have experience working with every aspect of Drupal development:

  • full end-to-end website creation
  • extensive experience with custom module development
  • familiar with a wide range of contributed modules
  • theming, CSS and JQuery/AJAX
  • site and database conversions
  • multimedia integration

Although we prefer to work remotely, we are able to work onsite in either Sydney or Canberra for part of the week if required.