Drupal 8 is around the corner

The next version of Drupal, Drupal 8 is being worked on and is planned to be released in 2014. Drupal 8 will be the most customizable and adaptable release of Drupal ever!

Whilst attending DrupalCon Prague it became clear to us that Drupal 8 is a very different beast from Drupal 7 (which itself was a very different beast from Drupal 6!). Drupal 8 will bring significant shifts in the underlying architecture which will position it much better for the future.

Rather than focusing on incremental improvements, the focus has been to introduce new core technologies in a directional shift to using readily available state of the art components rather than reinventing the wheel. There are many things to love about Drupal 8:

  • Drupal 8 is mobile-friendly so it works much better on mobile devices
  • better integration of Views, making displaying data even easier
  • improved content editing
  • new configuration system allowing smoother system deployment
  • markup using HTML 5  resulting in a much friendlier user interface
  • full translation capabilities for multi-lingual sites
  • built-in web services for more flexible integration with external systems
  • many improvements for Drupal developers that make development so much  easier

At orangeweb we are investing time and effort to make sure that we will be ready for Drupal 8 when it is released.